Imagine you have the most expensive camera in the world and it’s one of a kind.

There is only one and you own it!

This camera can never be broken.

What determines what the camera will see? The lens you are thinking, and you’re right.

We are that camera!

Our lens, however, was not put on us by choice. It was constructed by our culture, upbringing, past trauma, etc.

The day we wake up is when we learn we can change the lens and see the same world from a different perspective. Different perspectives turn us into highly resourceful humans.

We are not broken and we can always change our lens if we want a better picture.

The above is just a perspective seen through one of my lenses.

If we see the world as an unsafe place via our lens, we hide, play small, and live in reaction out of fear.

Coaches struggle with this just as much as clients.

In most cases with clients that are suffering, all I really do is let them see things from a few different types of lenses. What happens next is they tend to pick one that feels much better than the one they’ve been using.

I’m very much against thinking anyone is “broke”. In most cases, a new lens attached to a perfectly fine camera will change everything.