It’s no secret video is an excellent way to connect to your target audience. So I don’t think Ivideomarketingmindset need to sell you on the importance of adding video to your business. I can share a bunch of ideas with you later on where to use video but today i want to focus on just getting your videos going.

Here’s a short video if you’re not into reading the post below.

Have you ever heard success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics? It’s true and if your mindset is off, what you create in the marketplace will reflect that so let’s get into the mindsets of creating video.

Before you buy green screens, 4k cameras, expensive microphones, 500 dollar lighting kits, etc… Know this, none of that is going to help you because the biggest obstacle you’ll face is fear.


Yes, fear of people not liking you, fear of being judged, fear of self-judgement, fear of being thrown out of the tribe, etc. These fears are rooted deep in our DNA and they are not useful anymore.

I Don’t Have Fear Craig!

Of course you would say that because having fear about making video is irrational right? Well what’s irrational is the feeling we get when we hit that record button and start to lose words, sweat, get a tight feeling in our chest, etc.

Because we are not taught to face our fears our brain rejects it and comes up with amazing stories to explain why we are freaking out.

This feeling I’m having must be because I need a better mic. Yeah that’s it. Oh but wait, one of those nice 4k video cameras would be great.

As we feel good dreaming about getting good video making gear the fear goes away but the video also does not get made. This is a mental trap we set for ourselves and it works every time. It’s called “a safe problem”.

Safe problems

The part of our mind that creates fear is the amygdala.

Our amygdala wants nothing to do with video making, money making, business, staying healthy, etc. It wants to have sex, eat, sleep, fight, run, hide and be safe.

When our amygdala gets triggered by the unknown such as creating videos for the first time it freaks out! How we know this is, we may get cotton mouth, sweat, feel a tight feeling in our chest or need to leave.

For the most part, we have no way to deal with fear because we’re taught it’s bad, should be avoided, not real, etc.

As a result of our denial, all the other parts in our brain get together and create a safe problem. Safe problems are stories made up to justify not doing the task at hand. They keep us busy with busy work and avoiding the real work… Money making, value creation, etc.

As long as we have safe problems, we’re safe. Safe from feeling the fear of not being enough, safe from possible rejection, safe from the pain we have to go through to level up our game, etc.

Whenever you find yourself not doing the work because you need to wash the dishes, or some other trivial task, ask yourself “Is this a safe problem?”. In most cases it is. It’s not “wrong” it’s just what we humans do. Just brining awareness to it tends to help a lot.

Expensive Gear

As I felt the fear and bought into my safe problems of getting all the best video creation gear, I noticed none of it helped. Not only did it not help, I had more safe problems like needing to learn all about the new gear, how lighting works, etc.

All the expensive gear also stressed me out and made me even more nervous. Is the mic working right? Will the high end video stop recording before I’m done? Is the air conditioner sound going to get picked up? Then the worry of “crap, I spent thousands of dollars!”.

Here’s what I know, the marketplace is craving raw and real.

Some of the highest viewed videos are filmed on an iphone with no green screens, good lighting or expensive audio equipment.

What to do?

Start creating videos now with whatever you have that can get the job done. Get the job done meaning record.

Maybe start off with a two min video that just says who you are and what you do.

This will get you comfortable working with your recording device and your editing software on your computer.

Next make a video and post it on Youtube but set it as private. When it’s set to private, you can mail a link to a friend to view.

Why mail videos to a friend? Because a big fear is having others see your video. Sending it to a friend will trigger the fear and the fear will do it’s dance before subsiding. Tell your friend there is no need to respond other than they got it and watched it.

You can also send your video to me if you like.

Care About Your Viewer

Something that helps showing up in video from a good space is to care about your viewer.

After you hit record, say something in your head like, “I am here to create value for you because I care and want nothing but the best for you.”

This approach makes it about others not us.

A big part of our fear and resistance comes from making whatever we’re doing about us. I call it the “♫ Me, Me, Me, La, La, La La ♫” song. It’s not about us, it’s about service. Reminding ourselves of this is very helpful.

If not, you may be arrogant which is a sign you are fearful. Or you show up super nice which is a sign that you’re seeking approval. These approaches are only about us not the viewer. I’d avoid these approaches by having very healthy thoughts about showing up because you care.

About getting the best gear, go for it if you like. Personally I am a techie and love gear. However do it from a healthy place not out of fear or because it’s a story drummed up to hide.