The “Someday” game is robbing us blind!

it’s got us living in the past, dreaming about the future and just spinning our wheels in the now.

Someday I’ll learn how to speak in public.

Someday I will publish a book. You’ll see!!

Someday I will drop these extra 20 pounds.

I think looking forward to things fuels us and is good or it would not be built into our thinking. However, it can work against us which in most cases does.

So I’d like to share how I manage to stay out of this trap 80% of the time in hopes it helps another fellow human that may read this.


My top one is, I’d rather die while quietly working at something important to me than have them find me dead thinking about what I will “someday” do.

Watch My Words

I used to tell anyone that would listen about how someday I will do this, that, etc. I noticed when telling them I was getting a hit of dopamine. So I doubled down and did it more!

After giving this much thought, I realized, there is no need to do anything because I can just tell others about what I will do “someday” and get an instant payoff.

Today I watch my words and am very careful about what I say to others about what I will someday do. Instead, I quietly work on small goals daily (most of the time).

I even stopped telling my wife about the small wins and just let her notice them on her own if she even does.

Someday is not promised.

Yesterday is long gone.

Today is the best time to get to work.

if you have not seen The Last Dance on Netflix, please do. It’s about Michael Jordon’s basketball courier.

Someone in the documentary said people spend their whole life trying to be here in the now. Michael Jordon has never struggled with this. He is always here in the now fully present. This leads to my closing note for today…

It seems the secret if there is one, is to master being here, in the now, working at what is most important to us. Playing the “someday” game is pure poison to presence.