The Some Day Game

Ever find yourself telling others how some day you are going to “fill in the blank”?planning
I was notorious for this and learned a lot.

The main thing I learned is, it’s a poor strategy for getting anything done in the world.

Someday, I’m going to write that book.

Someday, I’m going to build an online course.

The someday song had me stuck in the future and unhappily dreaming about it in the now.

As I told others about my somedays I felt a part of me was looking for approval, permission to live my intentions, etc. It wasn’t really about doing anything.

It felt as if I was trying to get the feelings I would from having finished something without doing the work. Can’t cheat life.

So now my strategy is to just do it. Show everyone later.

I wrote that book (a few of them).

I built that online course.

Instead of telling others about plans, a better strategy would be to make a deal.

Example: By 6-7-2017 I will finish my new book and it will be published on Amazon ready to be ordered. If it is not, you get a crispy 100 dollar bill.

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