We’re talking about a niche today called “Internet Marketing”. make money online
It’s also known as “Make Money Online”.

This is the niche that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the niche that tricks people into thinking we can bypass all the blood sweat and tears it takes to build a business and drop down right in the middle of an exotic beach somewhere in Hawaii.

As we sit on the beach with our tablet or laptop, we login to our paypal account to check how much money was collected on autopilot in the last 24 hours.

Let’s talk about what this niche does to people and how it affects them.

You first get into “Internet Marketing” because you may have been looking for ways to make money. Nothing wrong here.

So you buy an ebook for starters.

As you read the ebook your email inbox is getting hammered by your new buddy. The person that sold you the ebook. Bothered by the notifications, you login and start reading the messages.

Wow! I’m being told I am “An Internet Marketer” now. This is cool. These are the folks driving amazing cars and living the good life!

Let the initiation begin.

Now that you have been brainwashed into taking on this new identity you go searching for supporting references. You find more ebooks, more gurus, join massive amounts of mailing lists, join Facebook groups and forums in search of what your new identity should act like.

You find like minded people calling each other “Internet Marketers” and everyone is not drinking the Kool-aid, they’re swimming in it and most are drowning.

If you can shift someone’s identity, getting them to take action is easy because not taking action would be going against who they think they are. People do not want to be inconsistent when it comes to their identity.

If this is you, I encourage you to go back to who you are now before you get sucked too deep into the “Internet Marketing” rabbit hole.

Now that you are part of the secret group of “Internet Marketers” you have a lot of work to do. For starters, you have to learn some of the following…

How to pick a niche
How to pick a domain name
How to build a website
How to write ad copy (copywriting)
How to teach
How to build blogs
How to blog
How to build products
How to outsource
How to do social media
How to publish on Kindle
How to do affiliate marketing
How to do keyword research
How to do SEO (search engine marketing)
How to, how to, how to, etc.

What?! I don’t even have a product or service to sell yet!!

What happened to “this is as easy as clicking a mouse,” ?!!!

The pressure builds and it leads to a massive feeling of overwhelm. At the same time you’re reading emails promising all this pressure will go away if you just do this one thing. It will only be $97.00 but you have to act now. So you act and the pressure is released.

More emails come in, more pressure builds up and more buying is done to release the pressure. This my friends is the biggest trap. You now have associated pressure release with buying internet marketing products while holding on to a dream of some day getting all your money back plus boatloads more. This is a recipe for addiction, depression and despair. It also looks like what degenerate gamblers go through.

Check this out, I once did an intervention with a guy that was in “Internet Marketing” for 9 years and never made any money. This person wanted to get down to what was really going on and what we found was shocking. Not only shocking but was a deep insight into the human psyche.

Here was the conversation.

John, sit down and walk me through the process that runs through your head right before you click buy to get the newest shiny object.

Relax and tell me your thoughts, feelings and any pictures you see in your mind right before you hit buy.

“Okay. I start to think about all the money I spent, all the action I never took, all the dreams that never came true, my shitty job, my shitty marriage, etc.,” he said.

As that pressure builds John, what comes next? Do you build more pressure or do you look to release it? Take your time, we have all the time in the world.

“Well I start to think about what life would be like without the pressure,” said John.

Cool. So tell me what that looks like.

“I would have lots of money,” he said with enthusiasm.

How much John?

“Millions” he said.

Great. Now as you think about that what happens next?

“I click buy,” he said with excitement.

And what do you feel now?

“Hope and lots of it,” said John.

Now what happens? What is the feeling that follows?

“Shame, anger, fear, and regret,” he said.

Why is that?

“OMG! I knew I was never going to use what I just bought before I clicked buy!,” John said as if he just had the biggest lightbulb moment ever.

Really, tell me more?

“This is what I always do,” said John.

Is this the pattern that has you stuck?

“Yes and I would have never known this without talking with you Craig,” John said with relief.

This is not only happening to John, it’s happening to lots of people in the “Make Money Online” niche. I know because for the last few years I’ve had simpler coaching sessions just like the above (John is not the real name).

Making money or getting it is about showing up online with something of value then learning how to exchange that for money.

The internet marketing / make money online niche can only exist in the context of today’s conversation because we as humans want a magic pill. We want a quick way out of pain. We want the fastest, most efficient way to riches. We want a shortcut. Are these desires wrong? I do not look at things as right or wrong. It is what it is.

The battle is not with the “Marketers, Gurus, etc.” it’s with ourselves.

What to do if you are stuck in the “make money online” circle jerk.

1. Delete all your domain names. Ignore the inner voice and hope of possibilities sounding off an alarm in your head. If you were going to build the sites out, you would have by now.

2. Get off every single email list.

3. Leave all the groups of kool-aid drinkers but on your way out, send them love and wish them well.

4. Forgive yourself. This should be moved to number one. Forgive yourself for all the wasted time, money spent, etc. It’s now time to move on.

5. Start calling yourself by your birth name again not an “internet marketer”.

6. Get a better job to stabilize your income. Just incase it’s your low paying job that has been driving the desperation.

7. If you really want to make money online, ask yourself this critical question “What value do I have that I can exchange for money online? Who else is doing it that I can use as a model? (This is only if you want to do the online thing)

8. Detach from all the negative chatter in your mind and learn how to have peace right here and right now in your life. This will make you strong and from a position of strength you create value and sell it.

Our world does not need another human coming to the internet to get, it needs more value creators. It’s the value creators that get money.

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