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"Run your business - leave the tech with me.

It's been said, "Life is too short to do much of anything that's not a good fit!" Hard to disagree with that statement."
-Craig Desorcy


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Elementor Pro

Websites Are Not Here To Just Look Pretty... They're Here To Work For You.

Websites are best built and customized for the people you're trying to reach. If done right, your website will work for you.

Whether you're looking to build a new website or update one that's been around for a while, I'm sure I can help. 

Let's talk about your project, what you're ideal outcomes are, and I'll know where I can add value or solve a problem(s).

Just click on the following button to access my online schedule and then pick a time slot that works best for you.  

Auto Responder Configuration

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auto responder

Build a relationship with your audience and leave the tech with me.

It's been said, "We need to be exposed to a product or service at least seven times before we make a decision."

Email marketing via an auto responder is a great way to make those touch points -quickly. 

Send me a message letting me know if you're ready to have an auto responder integrated with your website. 

Is your site ready?

Have you written your email sequence yet? Unclear on the strategy?

Click Here and let me know where you're at or if you need help and I'll point you in the right direction. 

Recommended Auto Responder

Aweber is what I use and share with others. 

I suggest to start with their FREE trail and upgrade as needed.

Gmail Signature

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First Impressions Count! 

The first impression is said to be the most important one. 

Let's make your's a good one. 

No Gmail Signature File

Gmail Signature File

Custom Gmail signature includes the design and installation. Just click on the following button and send me your details. (link to your photo, website, logo, etc.).  
This is a one time payment of $70.00.

Safe & Secure

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wordpress support

Monthly Maintenance

Most will install WordPress and have no knowledge for maintaining it, keeping it secure or backing it up. As a result, when something breaks, they're lost.

What they don't know

WordPress needs to have auto updates turned off other than security updates. If not, an auto update could break the website.

Then make a copy of the website hidden on your server for testing updates, new plugins, or changes that may break the website because of incompatibility issues. This is called a "stage site." So if anything "breaks" it happens to the stage site, not the main site. Once the stage site is fixed, it moves to the main site.

The site also needs its security hardened because WordPress is known for getting hacked.  

With monthly maintenance, you'll get...

Stage Site 

Create a copy of your main site hidden away on your hosting account so any changes made gets made here. This protects your main site from breaking. Will also make sure your main site does not auto update on it's own which tens to break things.


I was one of the first people to come out with a WordPress security product years ago called "Blog Lock Down" so I will check your security and harden it for you. 


Whenever you want to change something on your blog, add a new plugin, etc., You'll do it on your stage site first. Once you're happy with the results, you push the changes to your main site. I will teach you how to do this.


Most of the plugins along with WordPress itself is constantly getting updated. As part of this package, I will keep everything up-to-date along with backups.

All of the above for $150.00 (Monthly)
If I built the site then it's going to be $100.00 (Monthly)

Please click the following button and book an online meeting with me first. If we're a good fit, this service will serve you well.

Need Some Clarity?

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Unsure about your online branding, website, strategy, marketing, etc.? 
A Clarity call will save you loads of money and time. 
-Click Here-

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Since 2003 I've used WordPress, Aweber auto responder service, etc., etc., etc., to create.

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