As I get ready to enter 2017, toughness is on my mind. Another word could be resilience. samsciabarrasi

In 2016 I had many clients that said they were tough and resilient but the results proved different. No judgment here, I have my own issues.

Recently an old and very dear friend of mine started posting on Facebook.

If you want an example of tough and resilient, check out Sam Sciabarrasi.

Sam planted his flag in the Pizza Business 30+ years ago and kept at it. Along the way, he got married and built a beautiful family of six children.

Sam’s little pizza business ( Kingston Pizza ) has grown into ten locations.

If you were to meet Sam, “tough” would not be a word that comes to mind. More like a gentle soul, kind, outgoing, friendly, compassionate, etc.

Sam’s toughness is found in showing up, day in and day out to do the deed.

When others are jumping ship out of fear but covering it up with some story about how someone or something has done them wrong, Sam keeps showing up.

When others are buying the next book on success hoping to find that one secret, Sam just keeps showing up and putting in the work.

When others are living in yesterday, dreaming about tomorrow and feeling lost about what they should do today, Sam just keeps showing up.

As a boy growing up, hard work over long periods of time was highly respected and expected if you wanted to succeed at anything.

These days, it seems there is something in the air that says “we can shortcut hard work”. This sounds super sexy, sells lots of books and seminars but nothing can replace hard work over long periods of time.

One of the biggest frustrations I have with clients is their unwillingness to just show up and work. They’d much rather talk about how daddy was an asshole or mommy never loved them. I get it and have my own mommy and daddy issues, but after all those conversations are finished, the work is still there waiting to be done.

I haven’t asked Sam about success but I think if I did, he would just say “show up and do the work daily over long periods of time”. In Zen philosophy, it’s called “sweeping the floor or chopping wood”.

Instead of setting goals or resolutions for 2017, a word or two may serve us better.

My words are toughness and resilience. Having an image associated with the words is very powerful. My image will be one of Sam.

Wishing you all much peace and success in 2017.