This page is filled with the tools and resources I use and recommend to my clients and coaching friends.


Whenever possible, I go for free images to use in blog posts, within social media, etc.
My go-to free source for images is at the following link. Make sure you follow the rights because ignorance is not a successful strategy in the courtroom.

Domain Names

I’ve been buying my domains from the following company for more than ten years. It’s a dollar or two higher than other companies and it’s okay because of the following reasons.

– Super easy to buy a domain name without getting up-sold at every turn.

– A Very clean dashboard that is intuitive. I like this because when I need to login to point my domain names to hosting, it’s just a couple of clicks.

Do not order hosting when buying domain names from this company because there are better deals which I will share with you below.

Whenever you can, always go for a “.COM” and avoid being sold anything else.


When you have a domain name, it needs to be pointed to a hosting account in order to be live on the internet. I’m in the process of moving all my websites over to the following hosting company. Go for the “grow big package” because it allows you to host more than one domain with them.

Auto responders

There are only a couple of autoresponders dominating the marketplace. The following is the one I have been with for more than ten years and am very happy with them.


An old sales and marketing manager once told me “People don’t fail in business, they fail to plan.”
With clients, I use a mind-map for the planning stages. No need to buy the best mind-map software because the free stuff works just as good.

I like to use with clients because we can both work on a map and edit it.

There are also free mind-map programs you can install on your computer. However, the less stuff you need to install on your computer the better it will run.

Free Mind at

For PC and Mac I use XMind. They have a paid upgrade but never used it. The free ver. works just fine.