I just figured out what I was trying to say and share. Quantity

Quantity Breeds Quality.

We’re going to suck at whatever it is we set out to do, in the beginning. That’s a given.

We all have to start somewhere so why not just start now and don’t stop?

Over time you will be shining but you can’t quit.

Pick something you may be bad at but it will help your overall goals.

Let’s say making videos as an example.

Pump one out per week and no matter how bad it is, post it on Youtube.

Then bump it up to two videos.

As you keep going you will start to make distinctions that will be about quality.

For example, I just learned after 45 videos chapstick is very helpful 😛

Something else tied to this is, there are no shortcuts. Looking for one will cost you. I know, did a lot of that “shortcut” stuff over the years.

You can get to the quality by traveling the road of quantity.

If you have a fear of not being liked or putting stuff out there that will not be liked, I’m with you. However, if you are not out to make the world worse off but better, what others think is what it is. They’re not going to give you money anyway.

This year I am going all quantity. It is already paying off.