Have you ever found yourself telling others how you’re going to write a book, start a business, or do something else that has the potential to procrastinationinsights2enhance your life? I sure have… a lot.

This can be a trap because for most, as we tell others, we get a hit of feel-good emotion. These emotions trick us into feeling we already succeeded.

As we do this long enough a fear sets in that says, “I’d better not write that book because if it doesn’t work, I will lose all the good feelings I get from telling others about my plans.

This may explain why some are “all talk” or “dreamers”. It’s not that they’re losers or sociopaths that lie to everyone.

They’re stuck in a gridlock within. Every time they tell another about their plans, the gridlock becomes even more entangled.

There is a way out.

Put your head down and do the work.

No more telling others about projects unless there is progress in the physical realm.

When someone asks about your book, etc., let them know they will be the first to get an update then go right back to work.

Another approach could be using social networks to support the project getting done. For example, post your intent on Facebook and say by this date this will be done and if it is not, everyone gets an amazon gift card.

Working with a coach too could stop the madness and start getting results.