The Power of Why

Lots of books on the power of why being published these days. Lots of Gurus too making loads of money teaching on the subject. I’m with the movement 100%. I have seen a lot of Solopreneurs get beat up, give up and never see their dreams come true because of many things but a big reason is, they had a weak why. Whatever your why is, make it deep, own it, let it keep you up at night and get you up at 4 am to work on your business/mission. Many of us get caught up in the guru’s why.


The Internet Marketing Brainwash

We’re talking about a niche today called “Internet Marketing”. It’s also known as “Make Money Online”. This is the niche that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams. This is the niche that tricks people into thinking we can bypass all the blood sweat and tears it takes to build a business and drop down right in the middle of an exotic beach somewhere in Hawaii. As we sit on the beach with our tablet or laptop, we login to our paypal account to check how much money was collected on autopilot in the last 24 hours. Let’s talk about what


Quantity Breeds Quality

I just figured out what I was trying to say and share. Quantity Breeds Quality. We’re going to suck at whatever it is we set out to do, in the beginning. That’s a given. We all have to start somewhere so why not just start now and don’t stop? Over time you will be shining but you can’t quit. Pick something you may be bad at but it will help your overall goals. Let’s say making videos as an example. Pump one out per week and no matter how bad it is, post it on Youtube. Then bump it up


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