Video Marketing Mindsets

It’s no secret video is an excellent way to connect to your target audience. So I don’t think I need to sell you on the importance of adding video to your business. I can share a bunch of ideas with you later on where to use video but today i want to focus on just getting your videos going. Here’s a short video if you’re not into reading the post below. Have you ever heard success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics? It’s true and if your mindset is off, what you create in the marketplace will reflect that so


What do you really want?

Here’s an example of a conversation I have with people all the time… Them: Craig I want to go swimming. Me: Fantastic! Here’s a pool. Them: But it looks cold. Me: Yes, it may be and you will know when you get in. Them: But I don’t have a towel. Me: So maybe now is a good time to get one? Them: But that would mean I have to get in my car and go buy one . Me: Yup or find one around the house. Them: Oh crap, which color should I choose? Me: What color would you like?


Dabbling Is Done!

For many Solopreneurs dabbling ends up becoming a real issue that gets in the way of substantial progress. Kiddle books are hot, I should do that. Yeah, let me get started. But wait, maybe I should create an online course first. Okay, I will get this going too. What about that project on email marketing secrets? Oh crap, I’d better do a little of that too. Dabbling is a trap and serves no one has been my experience. It also weakens our focus muscle. Without a strong focusing muscle it’s going to be impossible to weather the storms that comes


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