Success leaves clues?

If you were to talk to any Gold medal champion they will tell you the same thing. Stick to the basics and put in the work. In 1980 Switzerland won the Gold medal in Judo beating the Japanese. The Japanese had won the last three gold medals in 1964, 1972, and 1976. The Japanese were perplexed! How could they have lost to Switzerland? So they sent a team to visit Switzerland and check out the Gold Medal winner’s routine. They were expecting some extremely advanced training. The champion showed the Japanese everything which wasn’t much. What did the Japanese find?


Procrastination Insights

Have you ever found yourself telling others how you’re going to write a book, start a business, or do something else that has the potential to enhance your life? I sure have… a lot. This can be a trap because for most, as we tell others, we get a hit of feel-good emotion. These emotions trick us into feeling we already succeeded. As we do this long enough a fear sets in that says, “I’d better not write that book because if it doesn’t work, I will lose all the good feelings I get from telling others about my plans.


One Plus One?

Often I share a frame of mind with clients that one plus one does not equal two. This basically means you can’t plant a tomato seed and then a few minutes later get some tomatoes. People tend to get suck in the one plus one equals two frame when they’re looking for a fast solution out of pain. 1+1=2 is also known as the magic bullet syndrome. It’s magical thinking and life just does not work in terms of 1+1=2. Working a job is 1+1=2 however. you show up, work and trade time for money. Going into business for yourself


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