Often I’ll get contacted for some online business coaching. More than not, the incoming messages are about making more money with their online projects.

If you’re new to doing business online, the following framework should serve you well.

If you’ve been around for a while and get stuck from time to time, the following will also serve you well.

With any body of knowledge, there tends to be an underlining framework that needs to be in place and followed.

The framework for an online business is super simple. There are only three parts to it.

1. Offer (What is your offer? An email sign up? A digital product? An online course?)

2. Traffic (Basically, this is visitors to your offer.)

3. Conversions (Does your offer convert into actions?)

When I look at a client’s business I look at these three categories first. If there is a problem or opportunity, it can be found within one of these categories.

So if this is so simple why would someone pay money to a coach? The simple answer is, we get way too close to the woods to see the forest.

I was contacted recently by someone that has an affiliate site and it’s making money. However, this person wants to increase revenues. Easy fix right? Get more traffic, increase the conversions, or add more offerings, for starters.

As a side note, if you have an affiliate website that is making good money, it’s time to create a product for that niche. This is one way to increase revenue.

So why is this person not following the simple framework to increase revenues? It comes down to mindset and this is the area where coaches earn their fees and shine.

If the website owner gets stuck and reaches out to a coach, chances are 99% of the time they are stuck in a story they created in their mind about why they can’t increase revenues.

For example, I’m not good at “fill in the blank”. This is a super common story or self-imposed limitation.

Also, they can get so used to making enough money (comfort zone), it becomes scary to try new things because of the fear of losing. There are loads of mindset issues that could be going on.

The mechanics and frameworks of doing business online are so simple when we do get stuck, we’re puzzled. This is why it’s important to have a coach, belong to a group of other business owners, etc., so whatever is going on, it can be brought to the surface and dealt with. If not, things tend to get worse because we are growing or dying in life and online.

You’d be shocked at what may really be going on behind things not getting better for your business. For example, one person I worked with wanted to increase revenues but would just end up sitting in front of his computer feeling lost most of the day.

Guess what I found out?

His wife never supported him fully and took most of his money.

He thought he had a conversions problem when what he really had was a relationship problem that was drip-feeding him poison and draining his soul. So much so, his days turned into, just blurs.

Here’s what I learned in my coach training, the proceeding problem is never really the real problem. If you’re coaching others, entertain the proceeding problem as a way to go deep… you’ll get to the real issue soon enough.