And it didn’t Work!

Really? marketing

You found a niche of people you’d love to serve, created massive amounts of value and they didn’t respond?

You wrote heartfelt articles weekly and submitted them to every article directory on the internet (there are thousands)?

What specifically did you do that did not work? Important question to ask clients and oneself.

When I hear “I tried that, it didn’t work” I feel bad for the person saying it. It’s because they do not understand how farming works.

Not marketing, farming.

Farming is a philosophy. So is “I tried that and it didn’t work”.

A farmer wouldn’t plant a seed then come back the next day all pissed off because nothing grew yet right?

Well that’s what a lot of coaches do when they go out in the world to “market” their coaching.

They join Facebook, post a few generic self-help quotes, get a low response rate and then say stuff like “I tried that and it didn’t work”.

Forget for a moment that posting quotes is a very low way to create value for prospective clients and think about how hard a farmer works.

Farmers have to turn the soil. Plant seeds. Do watering. Pick weeds. Accept that birds, rodents and bad weather will make off with some of their crops.

Farmers also are very willing to work as hard and as long as they have to, in order to reap a fruitful harvest. They may not have to work hard or long but they’re willing.

This reminds me of the time I spent two years serving a niche. Everyday, seven days a week and on holidays, I would find out what they needed and I would serve. (Marketing to me is value creation).

After two years when I came out with something for sale, it was some of the easiest sales ever made.

What is that part in us that wants to reap a harvest without putting in the work? What is that part within us that thinks it can cheat life and get more than it puts in? I’m not sure but I know it’s in all of us and needs to be kept at bay while the rest of our parts come together and serve until. Now that’s a philosophy worth adopting.