Big John posted his new Bentley on Instagram. Wow! What is that? A 100k car? 

Big John has his hand on the door and if you look closely, on his wrist is a big fat solid gold AUDEMARS PIGUET (56k).

Now the comparing squirrel deep within our lower-self starts to spin a story of how if I just worked harder in my 20’s 30’s and 40’s, I too could be balling like Big John.

Here’s the truth, big John is being coached by a friend and he’s in the middle of a divorce.

Big John’s children hate him for many reasons but a big one is, he has a side family that he for sure thought would never be exposed.

Big John is miserable.

Don’t get sucked into wishing you were like big John. You’re only seeing his cars, watches, etc., through a well-crafted filter. It’s only one side of the coin.

I personally spend zero time on Instagram. Not because I don’t like eye-candy, it’s to protect myself from getting sucked into a half-truth and spending time in wishful thinking which always ends real bad.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to sit down, define what success will look like, then do the work necessary to be successful on our own terms, not Big John’s.

Once we know what we want, make plans and work on our plans daily. This way, there is no way Big John could ever distract us.

By the way, I once coached a man that wanted to figure out what would truly make him happy. To his surprise, he ended up just wanting to earn enough so he could go fishing on the weekends in a small boat that seats two. I share this because most have no idea what they’d really like to experience and as a result, they can easily be sucked into lies like Big John’s.