For many Solopreneurs dabbling ends up becoming a real issue dabbling
that gets in the way of substantial progress.

Kiddle books are hot, I should do that. Yeah, let me get started.

But wait, maybe I should create an online course first. Okay, I will get this going too.

What about that project on email marketing secrets? Oh crap, I’d better do a little of that too.

Dabbling is a trap and serves no one has been my experience.

It also weakens our focus muscle. Without a strong focusing muscle it’s going to be impossible to weather the storms that comes when sitting in creation, over long periods of time.

If you’ve been dabbling, it’s okay because it seems to be a “rites of passage” for most of us. Just try your best not to stay in dabbling mode too long, or it can become a serious issue.

Why do we dabble?

I bet a whole book could be written on the subject but the following are just a few reasons.


Deep down, it’s just a fear that if we go all the way with one thing and it doesn’t work we’re screwed. The ego would disagree but I’ve worked with enough people that admitted this to know it’s a real reason.

So the brain thinks, “If we work on a bunch of things, something will stick”. This in most cases never works out because nothing ever gets finished to work out.


If you’ve followed Tony Robbins’ work and know about the six human needs, you’ll know we are driven by variety. Some more than others but all of us have a need for it.

Dabbling fills the need for variety/novelty. This is making what we do about us but business is about creating value for others then exchanging that value for money.


Some people are addicted to starting over because when they do they get off on dreaming about what things will be like when they make it big. Doing this addicts people to possibility thinking. As a result, starting over and dabbling is their drug of choice.

I like to keep it real simple and use Grant Cardone’s metaphor.

1. Build a fire

2. Add wood

3. Burn that bitch down

Basically, work on one project at a time until it’s done and it produces results.

If you’re an infopreneur maybe create one info product per month. In twelve months, you’ll have twelve “buy now buttons” online.

I forgot who it was but someone once said, “just pump out more buy now buttons brother!,”. That’s some good advice.