coaching clients

A good fit?

This post is for all my friends new to coaching. Ever have someone tell you "please help me" then resist every single step of the way? I've had my share of

The Entitlement Trap

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You work on your coaching business day and night but the results are not matching the effort! When this happens, we tend to feel cheated. (knee-jerk

Half Truths

Big John posted his new Bentley on Instagram. Wow! What is that? A 100k car?  Big John has his hand on the door and if you look closely, on his wrist
working online

Internet Business Coaching

Often I'll get contacted for some online business coaching. More than not, the incoming messages are about making more money with their online projects. If you're new to doing business

The Some Day Game

The "Someday" game is robbing us blind! it's got us living in the past, dreaming about the future and just spinning our wheels in the now. Someday I'll learn how to speak

We Are Not Broken

Imagine you have the most expensive camera in the world and it's one of a kind. There is only one and you own it! This camera can never be broken. What determines