The following share is going to be HUGE for you. sick

What’s today about?

-Marketing and Sales-

If just reading the words above gives you a negative charge, you’re not alone and today, you’re in for a treat.

Negative feelings towards marketing and sales is a huge block for most of my private clients and it holds them back from really making a substantial contribution online … the kind of contribution that makes people rich and we’re not just talking about money.

If you have no negativity around marketing and sales, and you’re real good at it, you can skip today’s share.

When I talk with wellness professionals or coaches looking to market and sell online I get all kinds of interesting but extremely limiting responses.

Some of them are:
– All I want to do is just help people!
– Why do I have to even bother with marketing or sales?
– I wish someone else could just handle this part of the puzzle.

I know the feeling all too well and my heart goes out to you if you’re struggling in this area.

Here are some of my responses (limiting beliefs) years ago:

– Marketers are the scum of the earth and I am not one of them.
– Selling means I have to be pushy.
– Why can’t someone other than me just handle this?!
– I’m not a sleazy car salesman.

Marketing and sales is frustrating and at times seems like an extra step we have to take on our journey to serve and facilitate change but it has to be done and by no means is it bad, negative or evil.

Without marketing and sales, no actions get taken online.

Without marketing and sales, you’ll not be able to get through to people and serve them on the level they want and need.

If you have a negative response to marketing and sales, it’s only because what you “think” it is triggered your response. I can tell you without a doubt, marketing and sales have nothing to do with tricking, cheating, conning, or getting an upper hand in the market place.

Now I’ll tell you what it can be for you and after I’m done, I’d like to ask you to consider making it your truth too so you’ll get good at it, help more people and earn more money or whatever it is you get out of serving people online.

Marketing is what you put out in the world that leads people to your offerings.

That’s it!

Here’s a simple example of what sales and marketing is on the internet…

Barbara is a family therapist. She’s created a DVD home study course that helps families bond and become more intimate (much needed).

Barbara decides to create a marketing campaign where she will upload videos to of tips for families to experience greater intimacy more often. At the end of the video there is a line that says “For More Information on Creating Family Intimacy Go Now To (Not a real site)

The above is her marketing.

The sales part comes when people go to her website and buy or don’t buy based on her offer.

Isn’t that simple?

People buy her DVDs all the time.

Why does her marketing and sales work?

Is it because she’s a charlatan, a smooth talker, a slick sales person? I don’t think so, because she is driven by contribution not greed.

It works because what she does is good marketing and sales… her videos are cool, fun and inviting. They leave you wanting more. That feeling drives you to seek her out. Once you find her site you may buy or sign up for more content.

Did you notice something in the above example? It’s totally transparent. That’s key in today’s market place. The days of trying to be “slick” like some of these out of date marketing gurus you’ve seen around are over.

Now I’ll share with you some core beliefs that support healthy marketing and sales that will not only make you feel good about today’s subject but also make you strong and empower you as you move forward and create wonderful marketing and sales.

1. I do not need your money.
This is a big one. Sure, we all need money, that’s not what I’m saying.
What I’m saying is, when you put marketing out there in the world and when you have offers in front of people, a mindset of “I don’t need your money” is key because it frees you from operating from a place of need. If people sense that you are needy, they repel your marketing. That’s what you don’t want.

2. I am here to serve and the money I get is just a way to measure how well I’m doing in the market place.

3. Marketing and sales are only tools. Like an ax, you can use it to cut wood so you stay warm in the winter or use it to cause harm to someone.

Make peace with marketing and sales and use them as tools to serve or at least test the idea out for yourself.