This post is for all my friends new to coaching.

Ever have someone tell you “please help me” then resist every single step of the way?

I’ve had my share of these types of interactions. Far from my favorite ones.

I have some amazing tricks for helping when one is running this pattern but the juice is not worth the squeeze.

With only love in my heart, I bow out and point them in the direction of a good therapist, not a coach.

I don’t care how much I need the money, I will not work with someone that is better off somewhere else.

So this leads to a key point worth sharing, have a top 50 list.

If you could have 50 clients for life, what would they look like? Even starting with five is a great idea.

What would be their main issues that you are great at coaching others with?

Get super clear on who you love to work with and you will start to attract them because you’ll radiate what turns them on in your conversations, marketing, etc.

At the beginning of your journey, you may just want to work with whoever you can just for the experience but over time, my above suggestion will serve you well.