Coach Craig Desorcy

"At a loss with the technical Side of Online Business?

Give it to me because for the last 20 years I've taken on those tasks for my clients so they can keep doing what they do best." -Craig Desorcy

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"I am not one to normally write reviews but..."

Nicholas Kefalides

"I want to be completely transparent with every single person who reads this. I am not one to normally write reviews but I absolutely had to take the time to give credit where it is due. Craig is a mastermind when it comes to the web/tech side of business. I can honestly say that his services are what helped my business elevate to the next level. A level I would’ve never been able to accomplish on my own. His experience, competence, creativity and ability to promptly communicate with his clients are unmatched by anyone I’ve ever hired for business related services. If you are looking for results, look no further. Craig is the epitome of a professional and works extremely hard to guarantee the foundation is set for the results you need to grow your business into everything you’ve ever imagined."

You have something of high value to offer the world!

I help you get it out there and make your impact.

I collaborate with like-minded individuals who share my ethical values to make a positive impact online.
If you're focused on creating a better world through serving individuals but struggle with the technical pieces, I'm interested in partnering with you.

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I can help you with...

branding your online business

Brand & Strategy

A successful website has a clear brand identity with an effective strategy for converting visitors into customers, fans, and followers.

-Positioning and messaging


-Clearly defined outcome

strategic design

Website Design

Most will design based on what they like. I suggest a design based on what your ideal client will love while optimized for,




website optimization


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What "keyword" or "keyword phrase" Do you want to be known for in the search engines?
Speed! How long does it take for your pages to load? They need to be FAST.

Google rewards speed by showing your site to more people. 

Let's take about your project and I'll point you in the best direction.
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Tiffany Lambert

"I was able to break through my business obstacles..."

"Seventeen years ago, after sitting on the sidelines unable to move past my behind-the-scenes ghostwriting career, I met Craig Desorcy, who is the one and only reason I was able to break through my business obstacles and begin earning a consistent six-figure income. For me, the problem has always been technical issues. I just didn't understand how to do it, and every time I tried, I'd make a mess of my accounts. Craig took it all over for me - the installation of a working blog, setting up a squeeze page so I could build a list, integrating my selling platform - you name it. Not only did he provide amazing counsel as a business and life coach, but the techie side of things that proved to be so paralyzing were finally no longer a hindrance to my success. If this is something also holding you back, you can look at my long-term track record and rising earnings year after year to see that he's worth the investment because you'll get it back tenfold (and then some)."


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I only work with WordPress to build sites. Installs, designs, configurations, monthly backups, maintenance, security hardening, etc. There's nothing that can't be done with WordPress. 

Auto Responders

Seamless Auto Responder integration with your WordPress website so you can build your mailing list with else.

Five Page Website

Also known as a "mini site" that's designed with one or two actions you want your visitor to take when visiting.

Email Signature 

A well designed email signature with your logo, contact info, and social links will have you looking even more professional than your competition.

Business Card Design

Along with your professionally designed business card, you'll also get a digital version so when you share, it'll always be on their phone. 

something else?

Contact me and share what's going on and I'll do my best to help or point you in the right direction. Just click here.

Where to start?
A Clarity call will save you loads of money and time. 
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Tools Used

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Since 2003 I've used WordPress, Aweber auto responder service, etc., etc., etc., to create.

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