Quantity Breeds Quality

I just figured out what I was trying to say and share. Quantity Breeds Quality. We’re going to suck at whatever it is we set out to do, in the beginning. That’s a given. We all have to start somewhere so why not just start now and don’t stop? Over time you will be shining but you can’t quit. Pick something you may be bad at but it will help your overall goals. Let’s say making videos as an example. Pump one out per week and no matter how bad it is, post it on Youtube. Then bump it up


Allergic to Marketing and Sales?

The following share is going to be HUGE for you. What’s today about? -Marketing and Sales- If just reading the words above gives you a negative charge, you’re not alone and today, you’re in for a treat. Negative feelings towards marketing and sales is a huge block for most of my private clients and it holds them back from really making a substantial contribution online … the kind of contribution that makes people rich and we’re not just talking about money. If you have no negativity around marketing and sales, and you’re real good at it, you can skip today’s


Big Hearts Big Pockets

Today is a big lesson I’d like to share with you. It took a long time for me to learn to live this and it’s the biggest part of any success I have and all future success. I call it “Big Hearts Big Pockets”. (You may already be doing this.) It’s a big one. If you get this, life will take on a whole new meaning for you in your marketplace. You will not be afraid of marketing. You’ll not be gun shy about asking for money. You’ll be free from scarcity. You’ll stand for something bigger than you and


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