What do you really want?

Here’s an example of a conversation I have with people all the time… Them: Craig I want to go swimming. Me: Fantastic! Here’s a pool. Them: But it looks cold. Me: Yes, it may be and you will know when you get in. Them: But I don’t have a towel. Me: So maybe now is a good time to get one? Them: But that would mean I have to get in my car and go buy one . Me: Yup or find one around the house. Them: Oh crap, which color should I choose? Me: What color would you like?


Dabbling Is Done!

For many Solopreneurs dabbling ends up becoming a real issue that gets in the way of substantial progress. Kiddle books are hot, I should do that. Yeah, let me get started. But wait, maybe I should create an online course first. Okay, I will get this going too. What about that project on email marketing secrets? Oh crap, I’d better do a little of that too. Dabbling is a trap and serves no one has been my experience. It also weakens our focus muscle. Without a strong focusing muscle it’s going to be impossible to weather the storms that comes


The Power of Why

Lots of books on the power of why being published these days. Lots of Gurus too making loads of money teaching on the subject. I’m with the movement 100%. I have seen a lot of Solopreneurs get beat up, give up and never see their dreams come true because of many things but a big reason is, they had a weak why. Whatever your why is, make it deep, own it, let it keep you up at night and get you up at 4 am to work on your business/mission. Many of us get caught up in the guru’s why.


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