Internet Business Coaching

Often I’ll get contacted for some online business coaching. More than not, the incoming messages are about making more money with their online projects. If you’re new to doing business online, the following framework should serve you well. if you’ve been around for a while and get stuck from time to time, the following will also serve you well. With any body of knowledge, there is an underlining framework that needs to be in place and followed. The framework for online business is super simple. There are only three parts to it. 1. Offer What is your offer? An email


The Some Day Game

Ever find yourself telling others how some day you are going to “fill in the blank”? I was notorious for this and learned a lot. The main thing I learned is, it’s a poor strategy for getting anything done in the world. Someday, I’m going to write that book. Someday, I’m going to build an online course. The someday song had me stuck in the future and unhappily dreaming about it in the now. As I told others about my somedays I felt a part of me was looking for approval, permission to live my intentions, etc. It wasn’t really


We Are Not Broken

Imagine you have the most expensive camera in the world and it’s one of a kind. There is only one and you own it! This camera can never be broken. What determines what the camera will see? The lens you are thinking, and you’re right. We are that camera! Our lens, however, was not put on us by choice. It was constructed by our culture, upbringing, past trauma, etc. The day we wake up is when we learn we can change the lens and see the same world from a different perspective. Different perspectives turn us into highly resourceful humans.


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